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Mueller Implement & Rental

Meet Tommy Tractor,

At the age of 3 Tommy Tractor told his parents he was going to be a tractor dealer.


Thomas J. Mueller

 We are a family company that believes in your family needs. 

.  Please come in and see us, and share with us what you need.

Our commitment is to you.

We are dedicated to the values of the American family.  Due to this commitment, we refuse to let American Corporate greed stand in the way of our promise to the customer.

Make your next family purchase here!


Tommy Tractor
Our Mission

  • To believe in people
  • To encourage lifetime ambitions
  • To promote a lifetime of learning
  • To help reach your life's goals

We are a dealer that believes the suppliers, sellers, and users all have and bring value to the table. It is with this commitment that we will only handle family oriented companies that value our customers first. We promise that we will hold our suppliers to the highest moral and ethical standards that are expected by our customers. In turn, our customers will find value in dealing with our dedicated staff to meet their needs.  Tommy Tractor is a concept that will lead this industry to its highest degree of value.  THAT IS YOU!

You the consumer are on a path searching for maximum value at minimum cost.  We believe you only a phone call away.

The real test of business greatness lies in giving opportunity to others.  -Charles Schwab

We are what we do repeatedly.  Excellence is not an act, but a habit.  -Aristotle